Monday, July 4, 2016


A beautiful and ambitious project with script by Octavio Aragão and art by Carlos Hollanda, both academics in Rio de Janeiro. Besides trying to capture the light and colors of Rio de Janeiro, the arts are made in different materials and styles, meaning experimentations and challenges for me. Fascinating.

Imposter #2

25 color pages fully ready. Script by James Patrick, art by Martin Szymanski. Thanks, James!

Mau Yee: a new Lace O'Malley adventure

A classic tough detective noir, fast with weapons and sarcastic answers, Lace O'Malley was recruited by an agency that controls time travel, in a graphic novel published in Brazil, and now he is back in another adventure, a Lovecraftian threat in San Francisco in the 20s.
Script and colors by me, art by Manoel Magalhães.

Vyvy & Qwerty: logo

Besides the colors and lettering, also did the logo design "Vyvy & qwerty". A lot of work, but I like the result.

Imposter #1

"The world’s biggest secret is that one man is every single hero there is."
"Imposter," Script by James Patrick, art by Martin Szymanski and my colors for a 21 Pulp title. I really loved this job.

Vivy & Qwerty: funded!!

Funded !! "Vyvy & Qwerty", the independent project by Niall Presnall with his script, art by Carlos Trigo and my color was funded by Kickstarter! Congratulations, guys!

Aces Weelky: The Last One

Big update! Starting with something that gives me great pleasure and pride, my third contribution to the Aces Weekly, edited by David Llloyd, with art by Manoel Magalhães, my script and colors.